Different Types Of Motorcycle Gear That You Should Own

If you are purchasing a motorcycle soon, you will need to have specific types of gear that you can wear to keep you safe. Some of these items will be required, whereas others are designed to provide you with protection, keep you warm, and also allow you to look stylish. Most people are aware of the general types of gear that motorcycle riders will use. Let’s discuss the most popular types and other types of gear that you may want to consider owning and using if you are going to be riding on your motorbike on a continual basis.

Motorcycle Helmets

You will definitely need to get a motorcycle helmet if you will be traveling long distances, or if your motorcycle will take you up into rural areas. An estimated 45% of all accidents on motorbikes and up causing injuries to the head. Even if you have one right now, it is recommended that you get a new one every five years, just to make sure they are completely safe. This is required in many areas of the world and is one of the few types of motorcycle gear that you may be mandated to own and utilize.

Motorcycle Jackets And Pants

Jackets and pants are absolutely necessary when you are going on a long distance trip. They will prevent the wind from causing you to get cold, and can also protect you from rain and snow if you find yourself in the midst of a storm. They are also designed to protect you from impacts, skidding, and other things that can occur if you have a wreck. These are typically made of some type of denim or leather, but they can be made of other materials that can keep you warm and safe.

Motorcycle Boots And Gloves

You will also need to have motorcycle boots and gloves when you are riding your motorcycle. The boots are just commonplace, a standard for virtually everyone that is on a motorcycle. The gloves will protect your hands from the harsh winds that you will encounter, and also allow you to grip the handles of the motorbike more easily. Additionally, gloves can keep your hands warm which might be necessary on longer rides and also when you are traveling during the fall and winter months. At the very least, they provide you with additional protection from injuries that can be sustained if you were to fall from your bike.

Motorcycle Suits And Armor

Motorcycle riders that will be on the road for hours at a time absolutely need to have some type of a suit. These are going to cover you from your neck, down to your feet, and will typically zip up in the front. They are usually very expensive. The more expensive they are, the better the flexibility you will have. They are one piece suits that are made of Gore-Tex and other materials that will keep you from getting hurt, and also keep you warm, all the while making you look like a professional. You should also have armor that you are going to have attached to your body, specifically on your elbows and knees. Wherever you could land if you were to fall or crash, these areas need to be protected. It’s astounding how much damage can happen when you crash on a motorcycle even if you are not going very fast. This armor will work perfectly with the full body suits that you can purchase, providing you with optimal protection.

If you are just starting out with a motorcycle, it is recommended that you at least to get a helmet and gloves. If you are experienced, and you will not likely fall from your motorbike, you may not need to get the full body suit and armor. For those that are traveling with a group of people thousands of miles, the bodysuits and armor are absolutely necessary. There is a multitude of companies that produce these types of motorcycle gear, and you can often find reviews for the products and the manufacturers online. By taking the time to equip yourself properly with the proper motorcycle gear, this can make your experience on a motorbike all the better. You will have all of the freedom of traveling to different locations, with the wind flowing by, completely safe using these different types of gear for motorcycle riding.

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